Transforming Leisure in West Lancashire

Frequently Asked Questions


The refurbishment is scheduled to take approximately 29 weeks, commencing Summer 2024 with completion expected by early 2025.

To allow the transformational works to happen, Burscough Sports will close at 4pm on Sunday 26th May 2024. The last date of indoor and outdoor use will be Sunday 26th May, following this date the site will be prepared for development, whilst aiming to start construction June 2024. The transformational work will be carefully managed to minimise the impact on residents and businesses as much as possible.

You can expect a range of improvements, including updated facilities, new fitness equipment, and modernised spaces for fitness and recreation.


Improvements include:

  • Remodelled gym
  • New fitness equipment
  • New cycling studio
  • New wellbeing suite
  • Creation of a group exercise space
  • New roof
  • New accessible toilet and changing space
  • New site storage
  • Refurbished lobby and reception
  • Refurbished Sports Hall
  • Refurbished changing and toilets.
  • Refurbished circulation areas
  • Refurbished external façade on public facing elevations.
  • Refurbished Squash Courts
  • Refurbished Community Space
  • Car Park maintenance
  • Improvements to plant, mechanical and electrical infrastructure

We aim to keep changes minimal and have explained the impact below:

Burscough Current members:

Direct debit monthly members, including corporate memberships and GP referral memberships – Your options are to benefit from the facilities at other WELL sites or freeze your membership with no charge. To simplify this change, we will upgrade all members to a walkabout membership on Friday 24th May, enabling you to benefit from Park Pool and Nye Bevans facilities. If you would prefer to freeze your membership, no problem submit the request by emailing

Burscough Annual memberships:
Pay upfront for the year – We will upgrade all members to a walkabout membership on Friday 24th May, enabling you to benefit from Park Pool and Nye Bevans facilities. If you would prefer to freeze your membership, no problem submit the request by emailing

Are you already benefiting from a Walkabout Membership?

If so, good news! To simplify the change, we have automatically reduced your direct debit to £19.99, you will see this reduction in your monthly DD. You will still have access to Gym, Swim, and all live and virtual classes!

Junior members:
Direct debit monthly membership – To simplify this change, we have upgraded all Junior members to a walkabout membership, enabling all Juniors to benefit from Park Pool and Nye Bevan's facilities. Park Pool is less than 4 miles away; we have safe bike storage at the facility and it's just 10 minutes on the 375 Arriva bus. If you would prefer to freeze your membership, no problem, please submit the request.

Pay as you go members:
No direct debit, pay as you use – Park Pool is less than 4 miles away, benefit from the facilities at the other WELL sites or freeze your membership for no charge.

Block bookings, Casual bookings, and all regular community users. A personalised letter has been sent to the email address associated with the booking. The letter details all your options. If you have not received a letter, please contact

Yes, members will be able to use other WELL facilities such as Park Pool and Nye Bevan at no additional cost during the refurbishment period.

Some classes or facilities may be relocated, but we'll ensure you have access to equivalent fitness options throughout the refurbishment. We will also signpost you to other services that we are unable to offer during the works.

Yes, initial consultation took place in 2022. We will continue to engage with users and the community throughout the process.

Updates will be communicated via this dedicated website, Facebook, as well as through notices within Park Pool, Nye Bevan and Beacon Country Park Visitor Centre.

Yes, environmental and sustainability improvements will be made.

This includes a new roof, heating, cooling, and ventilation enhancements as well as new LED lighting, emergency lighting and small power and data installations to accommodate multiple functions and requirements.

These improvements are designed to enhance the sustainability of the mechanical and electrical infrastructure, ensuring carbon reduction, compliance with current regulations and standards while improving operational efficiency and user comfort.

The opening times will be reviewed to ensure we maximise the new facilities. We will communicate the outcomes in due course.

The community will benefit from a more inclusive and accessible facility, with spaces designed for a wider range of activities and programmes.

The continued development of the Council's Leisure services will:

• Promote good health and wellbeing and enable people to flourish!
• Provide high quality leisure facilities.
• Prevent and tackle the causes of ill health.
• Empower people in vulnerable, deprived, and disadvantaged communities to realise their full health potential.
• Develop and support effective and high-quality health and wellbeing services.
• Encourage and enable all people to take a role in identifying and addressing barriers to improve health and wellbeing.
• Increase people's independence throughout their life and their ability to lead full active lives.

Some works are proposed for the first floor including refurbished community spaces, refreshing decoration, refreshing lighting, improving access to the Squash court viewing gallery and improved signage and notice boards.

Various works will be taking place in the car park including trimming back trees and bushes, repair of potholes, relining and jetting of drains.

We will also be encouraging people to take more sustainable forms of transport where possible and will be installing cycle storage and improving access to the facility.

As part of the refurbishment works there will be improvements to the heating, cooling, and ventilation.

The proposals include a new roof, repainting of walls, brand new improved sports hall floor, new floor markings and LED lighting.

Yes, the Car Park is currently free after 17:30 every evening and free on Sundays.

There is a small charge at Park Pool Car Park but take your refund ticket to reception and you will receive a part refund of 40p.

The charge is £1 for up to 3 hours and £2 for up to 4 hours. These charges apply 08:30 to 17:30 Monday – Saturday.



Yes, we're excited to add several new features including brand new fitness equipment, state-of-the-art cycle studio, wellbeing suite, functional training zone within the gym and a new fitness class area.

We're redesigning the sports hall to enable the building to be more space efficient. Existing sports such as Football, Archery, Bowls, Pickleball and Badminton will still take place.

We are making best use of the spaces and opportunities available within the existing footprint, whilst also providing flexible solutions to impact the widest number of people.

We see the increased footprint of the gym as a big benefit and by creating a group exercise space in the Sports Hall we are providing a dedicated space whilst allowing flexibility to utilise the whole hall when needed.

The existing cycling studio will be refurbished into an additional flexible space.

We are refurbishing Squash Court 2 and 3 within these plans.

The removal of Squash Court 1 is to make way for a wellbeing suite, a change prompted by current trends and local demographics. After analysing usage, we feel that we can still accommodate the demand for Squash in the area, we are proud to be the only Squash Court providers within West Lancashire.

Victoria Park football playing pitch, Burscough Sports 3G pitch and indoor facilities will be closed for the construction period due to wellbeing and health & safety reasons. The construction of the refurbishment is expected to take approximately 29 weeks and the refurbished Burscough Sports is due to reopen early 2025 and will continue to offer a varied programme of activities for all but within state-of-the-art facilities with the best fitness equipment available.

The last date of use for 3G bookings will be Sunday 2nd June. No changing facilities will be available from Monday 27th May to Sunday 2nd June. However, toilets will be available for use.

We appreciate that this closure will challenge several community groups, we hope you understand that these works are required and that you will return to enjoy a new, impressive Burscough Sports that will remain accessible for all, for many years to come.

Funding & Budget

The funding is sourced from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), Council capital budget, and the West Lancashire Community Leisure Trust.

Yes, we have an allocated budget for the project, which is aligned with our strategic objectives, and business planning.

The budget will be managed by the project team who will meet frequently with all partners and regular audits will take place to ensure we remain on track financially.

The project has been developed up to a point of cost certainty, which includes market tested pricing. We also have contingency plans in place to manage the risk of the project going over budget due to unforeseen circumstances.

The funding is focused on upgrading and refurbishing key areas of the building including essential works such as roof repair and replacement, and enhancing customer experience (i.e. gym, spin studio, wellbeing suite, entrance, changing and toilets).

These works would allow for further improvements in the future.

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